Solvents are at the heart of some of the biggest advances in science, technology and the arts.
Take a journey with us and discover the solvents that are simply essential to our daily lives.

  • Manufacturing
    For high-performance products that get lots of wear and tear, solvent-based adhesives are essential during manufacturing. They are the best product to bind different materials together from metal to rubber.
  • Transport
    Solvents help to keep you safe on the road, no matter what the season or conditions.
  • Health
    Ask any chemist and they will tell you that solvents are a key ingredient to the essential medicines we all depend on for our health and wellness.
  • Home
    When it comes to household cleaning, solvents really are simply essential. They work wonders on the toughest cleaning challenges.
  • Creative Arts
    Without words, how can we express our ideas, emotions or views? Pick up a paintbrush or start designing on screen. While you let your imagination run wild, remember it is the solvents that make your creation possible.
  • Painting and Coatings
    We experience the world today in splashes of colour because of the paints that cover our buildings, coat our bridges and decorate our walls. And solvents make it all possible.
  • Beauty
    There is a beauty product for everything from skin and hair to nails. And solvents are often the ingredient common to all.
  • Fashion
    Your clothes get a lot of wear and tear. What is the secret to maintaining them season after season? Solvent-based cleaners play an essential role.
  • Agriculture and food
    There are 7 billion people on the planet today and our global population is expected to increase by a further 2 billion by 2050. How can we ensure food security now and in the future? Solvents are playing a crucial role.