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CEN standard
EN16766:2017: Bio-based solvents
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Bio-based Solvents Standard

Bio-based solvents derived from corn, soybeans and other renewable materials are an emerging class of solvents.

The European Committee for Standardization (CEN) published the first ever product standard for bio-based materials on 1st November 2017. It covered solvents: EN16766:2017: Bio-based solvents – Requirements and test methods. Each country taking part in the CEN had to implement it at national level by publishing an identical national standard or by endorsement by May 2018.

ESIG convened the related working group in the CEN Technical Committee 411, whose objective is to develop standards for bio-based products covering horizontal aspects.

Our members contributed to the standardisation process at the European level, working via their national bodies with policymakers and other stakeholders to develop an evidence-based frameworks firmly rooted in science.

The European Commission, which financially supported the development, strongly encourages public procurers and industry to use this standard and its referenced test methods for biological content and sustainability.