Painting and Coatings

We experience the world today in splashes of colour because of the paints that cover our buildings, coat our bridges and decorate our walls. And solvents make it all possible.


Outdoor paints must be durable enough to withstand the heat of summer, freezing rain, melting snow and everything else from Mother Nature. Because of solvents, they can. Paints made with solvents stay brilliant and strong in some of the toughest weather conditions.



Without proper protection, metals exposed to the outdoors will inevitably experience corrosion. Solvent-based paints for metals offer the most resilient, long-lasting protection. They are essential to maintain the integrity of critical infrastructure like bridges and pipelines for decades to come.



Paints made with solvents dry up to 10 times faster than low-solvent alternatives at room temperature, making painting fast and easy. If you have ever painted at home, you can appreciate the importance of fast-drying paint. You can get the job done faster and if you are a professional painter, fast drying time can translate to real cost savings.