Ask any chemist and they will tell you that solvents are a key ingredient to the essential medicines we all depend on for our health and wellness.


Antibiotics. Blood thinners. Pain relievers. All these and hundreds more essential medicines just like them require solvents to manufacture. That is because solvents are used as the medium in which the chemical reaction takes place to make active pharmaceutical ingredients. They also are used to separate the desired chemical products from unwanted ones, maximising drug purity. When you take an aspirin for a headache or need penicillin for an infection, consider the solvents that are helping to restore your health and wellness.



Administering many essential medicines would not be possible without solvents either. Sometimes a drug must be applied as an ointment, swallowed in a syrup or injected as a liquid. Solvents are uniquely able to dissolve drugs safely and effectively into these medicinal formulations.