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Use Map


The use map concept has been developed by ECHA to improve the quality of information on the uses and the conditions of use communicated in the supply chain. Use maps are easy to import into Chesar and contribute to a better and efficient risk assessment.

ESIG has organised all its Generic Exposure Scenarios (GES) in one comprehensive use map. All professional worker scenarios contain also SWED codes to facilitate the assessment.

The content and structure of the GES remain the same (e.g. same title, same set of ERCs/PROCs, same standard phrases in the title section).

ESIG SWED codes follow the Industrial Hygiene Hierarchy of Control and can be used for all ingredients in a mixture. As an outcome of the risk assessment, the assessor receives only the SWED code and the maximum safe use concentration. Contrary to Downstream Users (DU) use maps that usually contain one SWED per activity, the GES has multiple SWED options per PROC for the assessor to select the most appropriate one.

Formulators and Downstream Users (DU) can formulate their SUMI (Safe Use Mixture Information) based on the SWED codes and link their DU use maps (also based on SWEDs) to ESIG GES SWED codes.

This use map was developed to be compatible with CHESAR 3.7.3.

How to use GES Use Map

The details for each GES template have been converted into one Chesar file (use map). It contains the workers and the environmental exposure information. This file can be imported into Chesar for further processing and subsequent auto-transfer into the substance CSR.
The use map can be imported in one go and any GES titles not required can be readily deleted.

Chesar Use Map for download


Should you experience any problems importing the file into Chesar,  please alert the secretariat