ESIG 1st Stakeholder Day “Solvents & the Green Deal” – Circularity and Sustainability

The European Green Deal , first presented in December 2019, is a set of policy initiatives by the European Commission with the overarching aim of making Europe climate neutral in 2050 but it has goals extending to many different sectors, too.

ESIG has organized several stakeholder days to highlight where “Solvents and the Green Deal” are already intertwined and important and to seek input from the value chain on what more can be done. 

Mid-January 2021, ESIG successfully held its first Stakeholder Day focussing on the circularity and sustainability aspects of the Green Deal and the role of solvents in the societal and regulatory context.

A representative from the EU Commission set the scene by providing an overview on ongoing initiatives. ESIG provided its perspective and activities. It was stressed  that solvents are playing an important role when it comes to make  products that are more durable, strong and energy efficient.  

During the panel discussion, several downstream users’ association (paints, printing inks, construction chemicals and the cleaning sectors) presented their sectors contribution. It was made clear that  solvents are used to achieve certain benefits and/or functions and are considered to be key enablers to deliver the sustainability priorities of the construction chemicals industry.