Stakeholder Day: Solvents and the European Green Deal (part 1)

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ESIG organised on 14 October 2021 a webinar on solvents and the European Green Deal. It was devoted to the circularity and sustainability aspects of the Green Deal and the role of solvents in the societal and regulatory context.

Safe handling of solvents

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ESIG in collaboration with the UK Solvents Industry Association (SIA) have updated their Safe Handling of Solvents safety film (in English), replacing the one first released in 2006. This video enables users to identify health, safety and environmental hazards and to implement best practice to ensure safe handling.

Solvents and air quality

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Discover how ESIG has engaged since its formation in 1996 in furthering the scientific and technical understanding on solvents and air quality contributing to reduce solvents’ VOC emissions.

Reciprocal Calculation Procedure (RCP) part 1: what hydrocarbon solvents and RCP are

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To protect workers’ health, ESIG has just published two videos explaining how to calculate occupational exposure limits of hydrocarbon solvents thanks to the Reciprocal Calculation Procedure.