Safe loading and transportation of bulk solvents by road

Designed to support hauliers, drivers and site operators, this short film encourages best practices in the transport of solvents and bulk transfer between vehicles and storage vessels.

Solvents and the safe use of gloves

Learn how to select the appropriate gloves for a particular solvent, and how to use gloves for maximum protection.

Solvents and IBCs

Solvents and IBCs

Using Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs) to handle solvent products presents unique hazards. This short video contains valuable guidance on IBC selection, and best practice for storage and handling as well as information about relevant legislation.

Safe handling of solvents

Solvents can present hazards to health, safety and the environment if not handled correctly. This video enables users to identify these hazards and to implement best practice to ensure safe handling.

Solvents and static electricity

Identify potential sources of static electricity in the workplace and implement measures to avoid static discharge. Useful for all handlers of solvent-based materials.

Solvents, simply essential

Watch this video to learn about solvents and the industry’s impact in Europe. See how ESIG encourages best practice and supports innovation.