Stakeholder Days

“Solvents and the European Green Deal”

The two Stakeholder Days on “Solvents and the European Green Deal” were attended by over 100 participants from all our main downstream user sectors. Mid-January, the first edition focused on “Sustainability & Circular Economy” aspects and the second event on 8thJune, which was also a Partner Event for EU Green Week 2021, featured “Clean Air” as the main topic. The concept was each time the same:  representatives from the European Commission set the scene by providing an overview of ongoing EU initiatives. ESIG then presented its views and activities on each topic and several downstream user associations (paints, printing, construction chemicals and the cleaning sectors) presented the contribution of their respective sector and their views on solvents under each topic during the panel discussion. Solvents are used to achieve certain benefits and/or functions and are key enablers of the sustainability priorities of downstream industries. Solvents play an important role when it comes to making products stronger, more durable and energy efficient.

Since several other aspects of the Green Deal are also of interest to solvents, ESIG is currently looking to partner with selected downstream user associations to continue the series. More to follow soon!

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