Dear Reader,

One year ago, our first digital-only SOLUTIONS newsletter was emailed to you and this has become our new normal as we will no longer send you printed versions by post. It is my pleasure to now present you a completely revamped newsletter format. 

Content wise, ESIG is as busy as ever. Our main highlights include two ESIG stakeholder days on “Solvents and the Green Deal”, one in February and one in June, as well as a brand-new section of our website explaining the solvent’s role in industrial ecosystem in Europe identified as part of the EU Industrial Strategy. 

We are also glad to announce that our updated human exposure database is now up and running. In this key resource, you can search data on workplace exposure to solvents. 

Finally, 2021 marks the 25thanniversary of ESIG. Each month, we share one of our main achievements with you via “newsflashes”. One focused on our solvents VOC emission inventories, which we published this year in a timely fashion. We hope that you will be able to join us in person in October to celebrate our 25thanniversary! 

As usual, please send in any comments or contact us should you wish to receive more information on specific topics.

With my best personal regards,