Solvents VOC emissions

In March, we published the 2019 solvents’ volatile organic compounds (VOC) emission inventory compiled by TNO, Netherlands’ Organisation for Applied Scientific Research.  Ethanol VOC emissions previously missing were introduced for the last years. This brings the values of the ESIG inventories and the Member States data closer, but there is a difference of around 20% in the reported solvents VOC emissions. The inventories confirm that the VOC emissions from solvents have stabilised in the EU27+UK since 2008. In the solvent sector, non-methane volatile organic compounds (NMVOCs) emissions are not an unwanted by-product (e.g. in combustion). On the contrary, the solvent is a necessity for the product to do what is intended to. For NMVOCs, the 2020 ceilings set forth in the Nation Emission Ceilings Directives (NECD) were achieved. We promote our inventories via the UNECE Taskforce on Emission Inventories and projections (TFEIP), which can be used as a starting point for national inventories and provides a valuable source of information to help Member States fulfill their main reporting obligation on pollutants under the NECD. TFEIP aims to facilitates cooperation and dialogue amongst Member States. Two dedicated workshops have already been organised for Member States to exchange information on the inventory methodologies specifically for solvents. ESIG continues to support such initiatives.

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