ESIG Solvents

Application for the ESIG Solvents Award are now open
until 3thSeptember! 

The ESIG Solvents Award aims to highlight the safe and sustainable use of solvents with regard to health and safety, environmental protection or product performance or any combination of these.

Downstream users of solvents are welcome to apply including anyone involved in the distribution, formulation, storage or use of a solvent or their respective trade associations.

The award is a great opportunity to tell your story about how you enhanced product performance, implemented environmental protection measures or acted to improve health and safety of your workers.

How do you apply?  You just need to complete and submit your application by 3thSeptember 2021 via the application page at

What will you need to submit? 

A description of your project (2000 words maximum) detailing the following:

      • your strategic objectives
      • your achievements
      • how you (intend to) measured your performance
      • how you communicated the benefits to target audiences

Your application can include any additional information on the project, like photographs, videos, illustrations or charts.

A jury will select the winner from shortlisted candidates by the end of September. All shortlisted candidates will be promoted and the winner invited to the ESIG 25thyear celebration to receive the award.

Don’t miss this opportunity. We look forward to hearing from you!

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