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Low-carbon energies


Industrial production

Solvent plants need to be run and operated efficiently. Low-carbon energy intensiveness is an important cost factor and whenever possible solvent manufacturers will apply relevant techniques. The solvent industry is an energy-intensive sector for which using low-carbon energy sources incurs costs. Companies are, however, developing technologies such as direct electrification, hydrogen, CCS/CCU to reduce their carbon footprint.

Solvents play a role in the manufacturing of other chemicals; they can act as intermediates or process chemicals in reactions.


Drilling fluids

Low volatility dearomatised aliphatic hydrocarbons are used in the oilfield as base fluids in drilling mud formulations to lubricate the drilling process in oil wells. These solvents have excellent lubricating properties. They are inert towards most type of rock formations and have low toxicity and high biodegradability.