The use map concept has been developed by ECHA to improve the quality of information on the uses and the conditions of use communicated in the supply chain. They are easy to import into Chesar and contribute to a better and efficient risk assessment.

ESIG has organised all its Generic Exposure Scenarios (GES) in five use maps based on DNEL and vapour pressure.


The details for each GES template have been converted into Chesar files (use maps). They contain the workers and the environmental exposure information. These files can be imported into Chesar for further processing based on the actual substance vapour pressure and DNEL values and subsequent auto-transfer into the substance CSR.
Chesar import files are available as:
Chesar format ‘Use Map’ – GES Titles have been grouped into a so-called Chesar ‘Use Map’ according to the Vapour Pressure and DNEL bands. Each ‘Use Map’ can be imported in one go and any GES titles not required can be readily deleted.
Refer to the “Technical User Guide: Transferring Solvents GES Worker files into Chesar” for instructions on how to import and apply the templates and specifically to Appendix 1 for details of which GES titles are included within each Use Map.
N.B.: all former CSA blocks for importing workers GES into Chesar have been removed as the use maps contain the same information.