BDIBundesverband der Deutschen Industrie
CeficEuropean Chemical Industry Council
CHESARChemical Safety Assessment and Reporting tool
COSHHUK Regulation Control of Substances Hazardous to Health
CSContributing Scenario
CSAChemical Safety Assessment
CSRChemical Safety Report
DNELDerived No Effect Level
DUDownstream User
DUCCDownstream Chemical Coordination Committee
ECETOCThe European Centre for Ecotoxicology and Toxicology of Chemicals
ECHAEuropean Chemicals Agency
EGRETESIG Generic Exposure Scenario (GES) Risk and Exposure Tool
EMKGEinfachen Ma├čnahmenkonzeptes Gefahrstoffe
ESExposure Scenario
ESCom PackageThe ESCom standard for the exchange of Exposure Scenario (ES) data between IT systems has been developed by Cefic in conjunction with IT providers and ECHA to enable consistent and harmonised communication of ES information throughout the supply chain. This is a key process for the successful implementation of REACH. It is aimed at providing standard phrases on the safe use of chemicals in the extended safety data sheet.
ESVOCEuropean Solvents Volatile Organic Compounds Committee (the platform of solvent manufacturers and user groups in Europe)
GESGeneric Exposure Scenario
IRInformation Requirements
OCOperational Conditions
PCProduct Category
PNECPredicted No Effect Concentration
RCRRisk Characterization Ratio
RERemoval Efficiency
REACH RegulationRegistration, Evaluation and Authorisation of Chemicals
RMMRisk Management Measures
SCEDSpecific Consumer Exposure Determinant
SDSSafety Data Sheet
SPERCSpecific Environmental Release Category


GES phrases have been created in accordance with current law and industry practice and help to standardize the terms used. The ESIG/ESVOC GES phrases have also been included in the ES phrase catalogue contained within the industry ESCom package.*
TGDTechnical Guidance Document
TRATargeted Risk Assessment
UDUse Descriptor


*Cefic and Downstream Users Chemical Coordination (DUCC) group developed the ESCom package with ECHA and SDS IT system providers. It provides standard phrases on the safe use of chemicals for use in the ES Annex included within extended Safety Data Sheets.The standard GES phrases are also available in the GES Worker and Consumer templates.