ESIG Newsflash on ozone episodes: latest news on the European Monitoring and Evaluation programme’s Intensive Measurement Period

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There is an identified need for a better understanding when it comes to tropospheric ozone. That is why the European Monitoring and Evaluation Programme’s (EMEP) Intensive Measurement Period (IMP) is focusing on ozone episodes.

Solutions Newsletter – Summer 2022 Edition

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In this summer 2022 edition of SOLUTIONS, you will find the latest news on ESIG projects: from our updated Flammability Guidelines to our engagement in the intensive measurement period dedicated to ozone episodes in summer 2022. What else? More details on the upcoming Solvents Training with the SIA and the belated celebration of ESIG’s 25th anniversary in October.

ESIG 25th Newsflashes

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In 2021 ESIG celebrates its 25th anniversary. On this occasion, ESIG issued monthly Newsflashes focusing on highlights and achievements in our history.

Solutions Newsletter – Summer 2021

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Topics: Topics: ESIG Stakeholder days, ESIG’s 25th Anniversary, Key applications page, Product Stewardship at ESIG, Solvents VOC emissions, ESIG Solvents Award, Cefic News, SIA News

Solutions Newsletter – Winter 2020

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Topics: The stakeholder day “solvents & the European green deal”, the solvents@work campaign, the Solvents award, the EU OSHA healthy workplaces campaign, news from OSPA and HSPA, background on printing inks in food contact materials, cooperation with SIA, mixture assessment factors

Solutions Newsletter – Summer 2020

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Topics: COVID-19 & solvents role, ESVOC, Specific Environmental Release Categories (SPERCS), SOLVENTS@WORK campaign, ESIG AWARD, Solvents VOC, CEPE and EU climate law

Solutions Newsletter – Winter 2019

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Topics: ESIG Award, UN SDGs, safe handling of solvents film, training courses, STS BREF, dossier quality, VOC inventories, generic exposure scenarios, human exposure database for solvents