ESIG Newsflash on ozone episodes: latest news on the European Monitoring and Evaluation programme’s Intensive Measurement Period

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There is an identified need for a better understanding when it comes to tropospheric ozone. That is why the European Monitoring and Evaluation Programme’s (EMEP) Intensive Measurement Period (IMP) is focusing on ozone episodes.

Flammability guide: Update 2022

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Static electricity is one of the main hazards associated with flammable solvents. Learn about the potential sources of static electricity and how to safely handle solvents in the workplace via our updated best practice guide. In June 2022, ESIG has updated the Flammability Guidelines to explain the main characteristics of solvent flammability and provide recommendations for safe handling and use.

ESIG updates its Solvents Human Exposure Database, the largest open source of solvent exposure data available (May 2022)

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ESIG has updated and renewed its human exposure database for solvents. It contains exposure data on a wide range of solvents and key applications. This database is the largest single source of solvent exposure data available to the industry and to a broader audience.

Solutions Newsletter – Winter 2021

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