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Solutions Newsletter – Summer 2017

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Topics: Meet the team – Catch up with ESVOC – Making REACH compliance easier – Training on solvents – EU adopts limits on air pollutant emissions – Setting a standard definition for mineral oil – Improving REACH with PetCo – Bio-based solvents


Air quality challenge in China and Asia

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The objective of this technical position paper is to propose a way forward in improving (primarily Chinese) air quality by highlighting the need for accurate emissions inventories and air quality modelling. This April 2017 paper shows the industry’s commitment to improve air quality world-wide.


EU Ecolabel

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ESIG recognises that the EU Ecolabel has significant potential to promote the most sustainable products. This February 2017 paper demonstrates the industry’s continuous commitment to improve its products’ environmental footprint.

Managing the health risks of solvent exposure

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Learn how best to manage health risks from exposure to solvents via inhalation of vapours and contact with the skin and eyes. This guide also helps to explain the European regulations around health risk management.  This resource is especially useful for SMEs.


The solvents family

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For many products to perform effectively, solvents are simply essential. Everyday, we benefit from the diverse range of available solvents and their unique properties. Read this brochure to learn more about solvents.

air quality

The air quality challenge

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This 2016 paper by John Pearson, Chair, ESVOC Core Group, outlines the air quality challenges from ozone and VOCs facing Europe, and how best to manage them. An excerpt of this article appeared in our 2016 Winter Solutions newsletter.