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Solutions Newsletter – Winter 2020

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Topics: The stakeholder day “solvents & the European green deal”, the solvents@work campaign, the Solvents award, the EU OSHA healthy workplaces campaign, news from OSPA and HSPA, background on printing inks in food contact materials, cooperation with SIA, mixture assessment factors

Solutions Newsletter – Summer 2020

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Topics: COVID-19 & solvents role, ESVOC, Specific Environmental Release Categories (SPERCS), SOLVENTS@WORK campaign, ESIG AWARD, Solvents VOC, CEPE and EU climate law

ESIG Solvent VOC emission inventory 2018

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ESIG has finalised its 2018 solvent volatile organic compounds (VOC) emission inventories and results do seem in line with previous numbers: Solvent VOC emissions have stabilized in the EU28 since 2008 staying at just under 2000 ktonnes.


Overview “Solvents at Work”

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The Solvents@Work campaign is part of our continuous effort to encourage responsible and safe handling of solvents. This document gives you an overview of all the tools (videos, posters, guidelines etc.) that we have developed to help downstream users comply with the highest level of health, safety and environmental standards.

Solutions Newsletter – Winter 2019

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Topics: ESIG Award, UN SDGs, safe handling of solvents film, training courses, STS BREF, dossier quality, VOC inventories, generic exposure scenarios, human exposure database for solvents


Solvents trainings

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ESIG is organising in cooperation with the Solvents Industry Association (SIA), the UK based solvents industry association, trainings sessions for its members as well as non-members. Due to the COVID-19 crisis, ESIG has decided to cancel all the trainings scheduled in 2020. They will resume as soon as the sanitary situation allows it.

Solutions Newsletter – Summer 2019

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Topics: Solvents Award, relaunch of the downstream user platform, measuring solvent vapour concentrations, good practices in OSH, training course, air quality, and specific release categories