ESIG is a joint activity of the European manufacturers of hydrocarbon and oxygenated solvents.


Our structure

Working Groups

This group supports the European solvents industry and solvents users to protect health, safety and the environment when using solvents. Our programme includes:

  • Best Practice Guidelines, videos and training on the safe handling and use of solvents
  • Tools and templates to perform health and environmental exposure assessments and communicate the results along the Supply Chain on Safety Data Sheets
  • ESIG Solvents Award to recognise excellence and innovation in the use of solvents
  • Partnerships with the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work (EU-OSHA) and the UK Solvents Industry Association (SIA)
  • Generic Exposure Scenarios (GES) concept maintenance.

This group represents the views of the hydrocarbon and oxygenated solvents manufacturers vis-à-vis regulators, key stakeholders and downstream users. They collaborate with EU Institutions to develop or review key pieces of legislation and work with members to develop position papers. Key topics include: air quality (including VOC emissions and Indoor Air Quality), Sustainability, REACH, Occupational Health and Safety and CLP.

The group’s programme aims to share information and increase awareness for ESIG activities towards members and external stakeholders. They produce communication materials including:

  • Solutions (ESIG’s newsletter)
  • Printed publications (brochures and posters)
  • Digital media (videos)
  • Website pages
  • Social media Linkedin
  • Newsflash
  • Petrochemicals Europe social media Linkedin and Twitter

The group was created to streamline the European solvents industry’s approach and activities regarding solvents VOC emissions and air quality and to tackle the upcoming challenges and opportunities of the European Green Deal.

It oversees the Solvents VOC emission inventories and maintains constructive working relationships with all stakeholders including UNECE Taskforces. In addition, it works closely with the ESVOC platform to ensure alignment and co-operation with the activities of the downstream users of solvents.

ESVOC Coordination Group

ESVOC, the European Solvents Downstream User Coordination Group (originally European Solvents Volatile Organic Compounds Coordination Group) is a unique platform that brings together manufacturers and their downstream users trade associations to facilitate the implementation of relevant existing legislation. It currently consists of representatives of almost 30 different associations that meet once a year in the CORE GROUP to review the workprogramme and define strategies.

In addition, two working groups work on harmonising approaches and collecting data. They also provide advice and exchange best practices in different areas. One of them deals with industrial applications and is involved in the review of the BREF Surface Treatment using Organic Solvents (STS). The other one deals with professional and consumer applications and addresses topics such as indoor air quality and secondary organic aerosol formation.