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Attualità 29 aprile 2015: Impegno per l'ambiente Oleotecnica ai vertici

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2014 Award


On 20 April 2015 ESIG celebrated the 9th Product Stewardship Award at the European Commission in Brussels as part of the European Virtual Institute for Integrated Risk Management Conference.

The jury, comprised of experts from the European Commission, EU-OSHA, ICIS and Cefic had decided to reward two winners and we would like to congratulate Oleotecnica S.p.A. and Aug. Hedinger GmbH & Co. KG for their exceptional accomplishments.

Oleotecnica is an Italian SME manufacturing solvents-based products. The entry was based on an investment in a seven-year project to develop best practices in reducing the environmental impact.  Over the past years Oleotecnica has continuously decreased its VOC and CO2 emissions by introducing solar energy and a modern computerised manufacturing process that also contributes to lowering worker exposure. In addition, Oleotecnica’s regular open day events are a great way of sharing best practice and bringing the importance of solvents and their safe handling closer to the local community.

Aug. Hedinger GmbH & Co. KG is a German distributor of pharmaceutical grade solvents. The jury rewarded Hedinger for its excellent management of the solvents supply chain using dedicated transport and storage facilities reducing VOC emissions and ensuring low worker exposure. In addition, Hedinger impressed the jury members with its regular and effective training sessions for its employees on the safe handling of solvents and with the quality auditing procedures for suppliers. Hedinger’s achievements are easily transferrable within the pharmaceutical industry and should inspire other companies to engage in similar activities.


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