What are solvents?

This Factsheet explains how solvents make it possible to process, apply, clean or separate materials.

Solvents & the environment

This fact sheet shows how the solvents industry has implemented measures to address concerns about environmental performance and has worked with industry partners, scientists and legislators to further explore the need and the means to improve air quality in a cost-effective manner.

Solvents & Ozone

This fact sheet  shows what part the solvents industry plays in reducing ozone peaks and how it has substantially reduced its emissions to contribute to air quality in Europe.

ESIG information pack

This collection of fact sheets offers useful information on topics including: solvents and ozone, solvents and the environment, health and safety and much more.

Carbon content of commonly used solvents

This fact sheet shows the amount of Carbon included in some of the most commonly used solvents. The list is divided between family (Alcohols, Esters, etc.), solvent, CAS number and Carbon content (%m).